Digital for Employees

How can my workforce benefit from digital transformation?

Improve employee productivity with the right approach and empower them with the right solutions

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LoQutus Bots for Employees

Our digital strategists are experts in:

  • Digital technologies & platforms
  • Conversational interfaces & bots
  • Digital platform design
  • Qualitative and future proof development
  • SharePoint Development
  • .NET/Azure Development
  • Business - IT Alignment
  • Change management & user adoption
  • Data Ownership and Governance

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LoQutus Office365 for Employees

The LoQutus digital experts help public and private organizations with employee-oriented digital platforms. Our capabilities, vision and knowledge make LoQutus digital consultants the leading experts in digitally transforming your workforce.



Microsoft Azure

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365

Valo intranet & extranet


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