Translating our experiences into a digital approach - LoQutus extends its Vlerick Prime Foundation partnership.

During the past years, LoQutus was a prime foundation partner of the Vlerick Business School in the domain of Enterprise Architecture Management. It has been a very successful and instructive journey. In the context of this partnership, in 2013, LoQutus, together with Vlerick, conducted an intensive study towards the use and management of enterprise architecture (EA). The results of this study were published in a scientific article titled, “Toward enterprise architecture infused organisations”.

In addition to the article, a Center for Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Management was founded at Vlerick. This center for excellence is a community that shares best practices, ideas and experiences and builds a knowledge database concerning enterprise architecture - all in an interactive and practice-oriented way.

With the ongoing digitalisation of customers, sales channels, employees, etc. an organisation cannot longer become or stay an innovative leader in its business domain without the necessary understanding of the digital integration in its business, application and technology landscape. Therefore, with the arrival of the digital enterprise, EA becomes an even more decisive factor in order to take the right decisions and to build a roadmap towards the enterprise of tomorrow.

That is why LoQutus and Vlerick Business School have recently extended this partnership for another three years. This should allow to expand the current centre for excellence and the already executed research in a successful way and gives us the chance to translate our experiences into a digital approach. Such research partnership is one of the crucial building blocks that makes sure LoQutus is and remains one of the most innovative leaders in Enterprise Architecture.