SharePoint Business Assessment

Get a fresh and objective look at your SharePoint efforts


Microsoft SharePoint has become a very versatile platform over the past years and many organizations are adopting it. Some organizations start off with team sites, other migrate all of their documents onto SharePoint. At some point in time however, volume and complexity kick in and the roll-out of features starts having a large impact on your organization.

A recent study by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management – a non-profit membership organization for information professionals) shows that only 11% of SharePoint projects are on target with positive outcome. An additional 26% are on time, but haven’t gotten there yet. For the remainder – 63% - projects have failed or are struggling or stalling. The main reasons for SharePoint projects not succeeding is the lack of sponsorship, lack of change management and difficulties in planning and scoping the project.

Even though projects mainly don’t succeed on time, companies continue to invest in SharePoint as they believe in its versatility and are willing to kick-start, re-train users, seeking out sponsorship and implementing information governance.


In many organizations we see that SharePoint implementations are too often conceived as mostly technical projects. The impact on the business-side of your organization is often underestimated.

To overcome change and adoption issues and to get your users on board again a different approach to SharePoint projects is required. This approach ensures a higher involvement of (key) end users and focuses more on the business aspects of your information management efforts.


LoQutus offers you a smart selection of assessments and reviews that will help you understand your SharePoint investments’ health state. During an initial phase, surveys are sent out to your organization to poll soft factors of your SharePoint implementation across several user types (business, IT, management). Are users using it? How are they using it? How satisfied are they with SharePoint? Using this survey, we try to expose the immediate pains of your SharePoint implementation.

Next, during in-depth interviews, we target end users, key users, IT staff and C-level to better understand your SharePoint investments, targets and goals. Parallel to these activities, several technical and functional assessments will be performed to assess the technical and functional/architectural health of your SharePoint environment. Additionally, we check to see if your efforts are governed well, so that they will flourish in the future.


During each of these assessments, many dimensions of SharePoint usage and roll-out are assessed, based on our rich experience with over 50 customers in Belgium. We focus on 3 top-level dimensions: - Strategic: what should SharePoint help you accomplish? (5 subdimensions) - Functional/technical: how was this achieved? (22 subdimensions) - Governance: how are the different aspects of SharePoint governed? (8 subdimensions)

Our deliverables will consist of 2 main parts. The first part is an assessment of the current situation (current maturity and path to higher maturity) and a second part delivering a tailored report with recommendations for future success. Both parts will report on the different strategic, functional/technical and governance dimensions.

We are committed to deliver a personalized recommendation report and will strongly enquire for specific problems or questions you may have, taking the issues that you are currently tackling into account.

To ensure a high return on investment with this offer, we are committed to bringing this at a suitable price. As each organization is different, your assessment will be different, and we can agree on a price that is most beneificial to you.