Go to start and begin your journey - Part 3

Graduated. And now? As a young starter you imagine what 'working for a company' will look like. But did you imagine the right thing? Are your expectations the right ones? What will eventually happen the first days? Each starter is different, have all different tracks. After more than a month working at LoQutus, we asked our young graduates about their expectations and experiences. Have their expectations been met and do they like working over here?

Take the opportunity, jump and grow

September 1st, having prepared my lunchbox, I was waiting at the bus stop. It felt like my first day at school all over again. Except this time I was given a car, a laptop and the title of Junior Architect upon arrival. But - of course there is a but - these accommodations came with responsibility. This I learned upon arriving at the office. As every first day goes, we were introduced into the company, got a lot of presentations about the do’s and don’ts concerning the work place and met some of our colleagues. It did not take long before my unit manager and coach stood next to me (who I knew before from the job interview) to introduce me to the team, their business but also to give me the first assignments and my training could begin. In my case, I was lucky to have the opportunity to immediately kick off with a new project. Accompanied by one of the Senior Architects, I took my first interviews with the client during my second week of work. It is quite an odd feeling, to be a successfully graduated Computer Science Engineer, and still not know what to say during the interview. However, a few interviews and a lot of note taking later, I am able to face the client on my own. It is remarkable how much you can learn in such a short time. In my opinion, the experience of your fellow colleagues should be measured in gold.

Of course, my work does not only entail doing interviews; the results of these interviews had to be processed and the enterprise architecture had to be drawn. I must admit, when I first heard my project consisted of designing an enterprise architecture, I had no idea what was coming at me, but felt motivated to give it my best shot. In order to deal with this, I first had to read up on some documentation involving the challenge I was given and get used to the software packet. In this process, I could count on the senior employees, providing literature, coaching (tips and tricks) and training. This way, I expanded my knowledge on the subject. Some of the subject matter I tackled during my years at Ghent University proved to be useful, other aspects discussed in the literature and training, however, remained completely new to me. Now, one month later, I am given the opportunity to play a leading role in a small internal project. When I was presented with this opportunity, I was both excited and surprised at the same time. This is a typical example of how our company works. There is no large hierarchical pyramid, where you have to prove yourself a thousand times before being given an opportunity. There is an open structure, where everybody is given the chance to grow when the time is right. In this internal project, the value of my studies soon became clear. In order to succeed we had to plan, communicate and work together, exactly as they always taught us in class. But – believe me on this one – in real life, it is more challenging. One thing is for sure, I am learning every day and growing more and more confident in my work as a Junior Architect. LoQutus is providing the perfect climate to develop myself and take up a variety of challenges. The colleagues are always supportive, even when you ask a silly - on the edge of idiotic - question. These first couple of weeks I metaphorically jumped off a cliff into the deep and found that I could swim

Emmelie Verborgh