Go to start and begin your journey - Part 2

Graduated. And now? As a young starter you imagine what 'working for a company' will look like. But did you imagine the right thing? Are your expectations the right ones? What will eventually happen the first days? Each starter is different, have all different tracks. After more than a month working at LoQutus, we asked our young graduates about their expectations and experiences. Have their expectations been met and do they like working over here?

And can you learn a new language?

Just like Hanne (after some intensive training) I got immediately assigned to a project too. I had to develop on both, client and backend side, using a different programming language. The client side is written in .NET which was a new language to me as the only major language we learned at the university was java. Luckily the backend side was java so I could use my skills to complete the different tasks. I’m eager to learn new things. There is a lot of variation in the work that needs to be done over here. I already learned so many new technologies during the past 2 months. Credits for that go to my colleagues. If I ever need a helping hand, I won’t hesitate to ask them for advice.

Niels Devos