Go to start and begin your journey

Graduated. And now? As a young starter you imagine what 'working for a company' will look like. But did you imagine the right thing? Are your expectations the right ones? What will eventually happen the first days? Each starter is different, have all different tracks. After more than a month working at LoQutus, we asked our young graduates about their expectations and experiences. Have their expectations been met and do they like working over here?

Can you start … earlier?

A journey can start a bit differently than expected. I was supposed to start at the beginning of September but ended up here a little bit earlier. I got a call in May that there might be a project they would like me to start on. How ‘earlier’ could I be available? I started thus working in June for two weeks, then took my planned holiday and came back on the first of August. Those first two weeks I had to get familiar with the project: the business context, the methodology, its technology which was quite new to me and of course my colleagues ;-).

When I returned from my holiday in August, I started working on the project, together with my colleagues Jens and Brecht. At the beginning I was asked to help on small, easy things; but step by step I got more complex questions to solve and, in the end spanning most of the technical aspects of the project. This way I got to know the project while continuously learning and having my colleague next to me to turn to every time I got stuck.

I’m definitely happy about my starting earlier at LoQutus because it gave me the opportunity to start immediately on a project. Like this, work became immediately real and tangible, which was enhanced by the project having a relatively short life span.

Hanne Spruyt