City of Ghent relies on LoQutus expertise to create dashboards for monitoring city distribution delivery

Ghent is a great city to live, work, study, ….. That Is something we all agree on. Year after year the city keeps growing and that is a good thing. But there’s a down side: the growth has a big impact on the mobility and viability of the city.

In the past, Thomas Michem has proven he can monitor and optimize the use of public parking lots using open data, now it’s time for the real work.

The partners of ‘GentLevert’ are allowed to deliver 24 hours a day in the city center of Ghent and they can cross directly from one zone to another. At this moment ‘GentLevert’ works together with CityDepot and BubblePost.

Thanks to Thomas Michem, the City of Ghent chose LoQutus to create a dashboard for monitoring city distribution delivery. The dashboard will provide insight in order to make necessary adjustments in time!