API Management

API Management _LoQutus from LoQutus on Vimeo.

Due to the mobile revolution, it has become important for businesses to extend their reach from traditional web applications to APIs: internal APIs, open web APIs, B2B APIs, product APIs, or any combination of them. Early adopters and innovators such as Twitter already receive 10 times as much traffic through APIs than via their website. It is clear that APIs represent a new, fast-growing path to new business opportunities.

Along with these new opportunities come new challenges. Which services that you offer are suitable as web API’s? The developers implementing the apps that consume your API’s may no longer be on your payroll. How do you reach this community and how do you handle their requests? How do you protect your backend from excessive loads or from users with malicious intent? And last but not least, how do you manage the different versions of your API’s across all your environments?

LoQutus has the skills, the experience and the people to help you and your company in your API management journey. We can help you shape your vision and establish and implement the strategy that will achieve the goals specific for your company.