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Protection Regulation

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Privacy Readiness Assessment

  • Survey & Interviews
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Maturity Scoring
  • GAP Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Benefit Map
  • Roadmap, Next Steps
  • Quick Wins

DPO as a Service

  • Official Role of DPO
  • Independent
  • Privacy Expert
  • Privacy Office Setup
  • Training
  • PIA Project Support
  • Data Subject Communication
  • DPA Liaison

Privacy Governance

  • Governance Operating Framework
  • Privacy by Design & Default
  • Communication Operating Framework
  • Privacy Training

Privacy Management

  • PIA Assessment Framework
  • Data Register Lineage
  • Consent Management Framework
  • Privacty by Design & Default
  • Protection Integration

Enabling Privacy Compliance through Information Classification

With the introduction of new generation privacy and data protection laws, including our GDPR, the need for personal data classification towards compliancy is an absolute must. The requirement to be proactive is not only a feature of the GDPR, it can also be found in other privacy frameworks around the world like CPBR for all APEC countries. Thus, we have our newly introduced information classification policy, privacy classification policy, but how do we put those into practice?

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