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Renson & LoQutus present: An IoT success story - 06/11/2018

Internet-of-Things is a trending topic, but to show the business value we organized a field trip to the IBM Watson IoT Headquarters in Münich. Furthermore we welcomed an IBM IoT expert with 30+ years of experience to enlighten our guests about IoT in Manufacturing. Last but not least we would like to invite you at Renson's EXperience, Innovation and Technology center on Tuesday the 6th of November.

What can you expect?:

Renson worked for years to bring their Healthbox 3.0 smart ventilation unit to market. In 2018, the Healthbox 3.0 user application won the prestigious iF Design Award. On 06/11 they will share their story featuring the good, the bad, and the ugly of becoming an industry leader with IoT.

"When we started with IoT we did not calculate the return on investment. We just knew that if we didn't implement IoT for our next-generation products, one of our competitors would do it." - Rino de Muelenaere, Group Director R&D at Renson


  • 17.30-18.15: Welcome at Renson Meeting Center Exit5 with food & drinks
  • 18.15-18:45: An internet-of-things success story - by Renson
  • 18.45-19.00: Short break
  • 19.00-19.35: The road towards digital leadership - by LoQutus
  • 19.35-21.00: Networking

The road to digital leadership has many paths. Internet-of-Things is just one of many aspects where Renson innovated. Long before IoT entered the picture Renson embarked on other innovative digital projects to:

  • improve the customer experience
  • nurture a meaningful partner ecosystem
  • enable their installers/resellers to work more efficiently

These efforts show a fundamental 'digital mindset', and LoQutus was proud to guide Renson these past years.