IBM Client Center - Brussels

Hybrid integration - a key enabler towards new business channels

Cloud and digital are changing the world as we speak. During this event we want to bring our vision - a shared LoQutus - IBM vision - on how a hybrid integration platform can be a key enabler for a company to transform their business to open up to the new business models that are resulting from these disruptive forces.

Come join us on January 23 2018!


January 23

1 PM - 6 PM


IBM client Center

Bourgetlaan 42

1130 Brussels


1 PM - 1.10 PM: Introduction

1.10 PM - 2.10 PM: Hybrid Integration: a shared vision

2.10 PM - 3.10 PM: 'Lightweight integration: Where do ESBs, messaging and APIs fit in a world full of microservices?' by Kim Clark, IBM

This session explores microservices in relation to integration architecture, and looks at how the IBM Integration portfolio is advancing to enable a lightweight integration approach. The "ESB" concept is often derided in microservices architecture. Is the pattern completely invalid or does it still have its place? What are the alternatives? Messaging is the silent but essential partner to decoupling but what type of messaging should you use where? Where does API management fit into the picture? What if you don’t want to manage a microservices environment, but you do want the benefits?

3.10 PM - 3.30 PM: Coffee Break

3.30 PM - 5 PM: An API Economy story with IBM Integration Suite

5 PM - 6 PM: Network Drink

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