LoQutus API Management Hackathon

API Management

For quite a while now, LoQutus has been focusing on API management. We believe that API management will be a key feature for enterprises to invest in if they want to stay competitive in the current and future marketplace. We also believe it’s complementary to traditional SOA. As integration architects, it’s an area in which we’ve been building up knowledge and expertise.

End of last year, we thought it would be a good time for all our consultants in the integration unit to get some more insights in the key concepts of API management and to get some really hands-on experience with a variety of software from different vendors, and have some fun while we’re at it. What better way to do that than to organize our own API management hackathon!

Getting ready

First things first: an API management platform is useless without an API to work with. Fortunately we’re a team of experienced integration experts! Rather than choosing an existing API from a third-party provider, we chose to compose our own API, created by combining several external third-party API’s and exposing it on our own ESB platform hosted on our internal servers. In this way, we can work with an internal API, which is a more realistic scenario. Next thing was to look for an inspiring location outside of our offices.

The challenge

The scenario would be the following: we divide everyone up in teams, each focusing on an API management platform of a different vendor. We focus on the following products:

  • IBM API Connect
  • CA API Gateway
  • WS02 API Manager

Then each team implements a number of scenarios:

  • Installing the software (on premise) or opening an account (cloud)
  • Exposing an existing API
  • Configuring throttling / rate limiting
  • Creating security policies
    • Basic authentication
    • OAuth
  • Configuring analytics
  • Configuring a developer portal

Each team tries to implement as many scenarios as possible. Every scenario will be documented by the teams themselves. Afterwards, we will compare results, share experiences and discuss the outcome.

The results

And so our team of integration specialists spent Friday 18th of November gaining insights and practical experience, discussing our experiences with a steaming cup of coffee at the coffee machine. Of course our results were well documented and proved to be extremely useful during a future API management platform selection project, but our main goal was to get everyone from our integration unit together and spend a day getting hands-on with and discussing API management solutions.

This blog is not the right place to share all our findings, but our high-level findings:

Please contact us to find out more!

At the end of the day, we all went home with a better understanding of API management concepts, practical experience with some of the industry’s leading API management platforms and a renewed team spirit, feeling ready for future API management projects.

Niek Jacobsen