4 Reasons customer portals drive business (part 1)

Most organizations are constantly looking for areas to expand, improve, and stand out. Companies have to tackle omni-channel marketing and face the highest customer expectations in modern history.

Given the fact that Millennials now have the most spending power of any generation, a digital-first mindset is a requirement for any marketeer worth their salt. In this blog post, we’ll look at how connected portals can drive customer intimacy & improve customer loyalty.

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SharePoint pro tip: Efficient security management

You can have the nicest SharePoint environment but without anyone using it! An important part of user adoption is also getting your power users and administrators to embrace the platform. This 'pro tip' will make their lives a lot easier and will ensure they have more time left to work on the important things!

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"Travel report": our visit to the IBM Watson IoT Lab

In 2016-17 we realised our first successful IoT projects in the manufacturing industry. However, during our conversations with other customers we often noticed that a lot of companies are wondering how to apply IoT in a meaningful way for their organisation. We decided to educate our clients about the wonderful world of IoT. Therefore we organised a visit to the IBM Watson IoT Lab in Munich from 28/05-29/05. Read our 'travel report' below.

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Why you should name your chatbot

At LoQutus, we believe chatbots will become a key part of digital architectures in the near future. Chatbots are a key interface to your customers, providing basic answers and guiding customers through your services. They can help you get insights into your customer needs, while at the same time improving your operational efficiency. From our experiences with chatbots, we have a lot of lessons learned to share. Keep an eye on this space to learn more! One key thing we want to share today in this blogpost is: it's important to name your chatbots!

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Enabling self-service BI with Modern Data Architecture

Businesses are evolving towards self-service Business Intelligence environments. But what does it exactly mean? Why do traditional BI-environments need to be reviewed and adapted to accommodate these requirements? In this short blog post I will outline some of our key learnings.

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SharePoint and 3P: a love story

Everyone who has worked with the public sector in Belgium knows that there are strict procedures you need to follow, in order to work together with public organizations like cities, police departments or port authorities.

3P has created software to automate the administrative process of document creation and contract follow up for public contracts. However, 3P licenses are expensive and you don’t want your entire organization contacting the legal or contract department every day to inquire about a contract’s status, right? Keep reading for a romantic story of how SharePoint can bring peace to the world of public contracts, while still benefiting from the fantastic functionality 3P provides.

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Board level decision-making with SharePoint

Every organisation has decisions to make at many levels. At the highest level, daily decisions are made with great and lasting effects. Seen the high impact of these decisions, the strategy and context need to be kept in mind during the whole decision process. In order to make these, often tough, decisions, a lot of knowledge and experience is required, to move towards the right path. Managing this decision process is not so straightforward. In this blogpost, we’ll have a look at different ways organisations can tackle this process and leverage SharePoint with usability as the foremost criterion.

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The advantages of self-service analytics & insights

When we speak to businesses about analytics & insights, we often hear challenges from business users not getting the insights they need. Business experts have an idea of which KPI’s or metrics they would like to see, and which data is or should be available, but how can they get the outcome they need?  

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