Testimonial: Vlaams Agentschap Zorg & Gezondheid

How a longtime customer describes their collaboration with LoQutus

Digital transformation never stops! Therefore we aim for long-term relationships with our customers. In this short video one of these customers, VAZG, explains how they experience our 5+ years of working together. LoQutus helps VAZG with 2 particular challenges:

  • Consulting on projects where they lack the in-house expertise
  • Projects that are very result-focused where our experts work embedded with people from VAZG in a mixed-team approach
“LoQutus makes sure that the project evolves at the speed the customer requires.” - Dominique Dejonckheere, IT Director at VAZG

Via this link you can see a longer customer story about a specific project we did for VAZG. For this particular project we helped them with improving employee productivity and collaboration through SharePoint.