Business Data Monitoring

In order to achieve a better monitoring of the technical components of vehicles, sales equipment and devaluation machines, STIB-MIVB decided in 2010 to cooperate with LoQutus and IBM to configure a software layer which makes it possible to collect, analyze and report on all data. For this case we configured and integrated IBM Operational Decision Manager and IBM Business Monitor.

IBM Operational Decision Manager contains a CEP (Complex Event Processing) engine which is able to analyze a stream of technical events and to recognize business events using event patterns. A business event is used to determine the right business action on detection.

IBM Business Monitor is a BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) platform which is able to visualize KPI’s, dashboards, charts, drill-down analysis… based on captured business events. Personalized views, support different business stakeholders with appropriate real-time business dashboards.

The installation, configuration and management of both platforms, based on real-time data feeds, introduced a number of challenges.