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LoQutus is a pioneer in guiding organisations towards digitalising their high-end services and operations. To this end we use the latest technologies and market insights. Our expertise is based on internal and external knowledge work, a strategic partnership with Vlerick Management School (a leading academic institution on enterprise architecture) and above all on project work and co-creation with our customers (“getting our hands dirty”).

Are you ready to participate and make a difference for our clients? Are you interested in helping them to develop and implement a digital strategy? Now is the time to stand up and join our team! We are currently looking for analysts, architects, technical experts and technical consultants.

Young Graduate
The new kid on the block

You want to learn from the best? Well, then this is an opportunity for you!

LoQutus is looking for young computer science engineers to work jointly with our LoQutus senior experts so they can learn quickly from the very best! Do you want to become an expert on digital transformation? We are looking for junior technical consultants with passion for building systems that contribute to the digital enterprise of our customers!

Proven talent

Do you already have some experience in ICT and want to boost your career now in Digital Transformation, API Management or Information Management? Then, please accept our invitation to talk with one of our Experts.

Practice makes perfect

You are the ICT expert that can make a true difference to customers’ digital transformation process? Then we would like to talk to you!

Hall of Fame

  • Hanne
    Junior Developer

    Working at LoQutus means that you take ownership for the work you perform and that you are also acknowledged for it. This is not always true when you start in a company fresh out of university and I really enjoy this. It is an important motivation for me, while at the same time I always feels supported and know that I won't get more responsibility than I can handle.

  • Ben
    Medior Developer

    What I like about LoQutus is that there is a clear strategy from top to bottom. From companywide goals and targets too individual career paths: everyone has a clear vision on which targets they want to achieve and how they will realize this. We manage to combine knowledge, expertise and ambition into a specific approach for every challenge. With a no-nonsense approach we challenge and encourage each other on a regular basis.

  • Lennart
    Medior Developer

    As a young graduate, I started more than three years ago at LoQutus. LoQutus is definitely a great place to work, due to the friendly, helpful colleagues and interesting projects

    Over the years, I got more and more responsability. By working on different projects, you learn a lot and succeed making decisions on your own. Difficult to make those decisions? There's always a colleague happy to help where needed!

    Did I already mention I really like working over here?

  • Harald
    Integration Specialist

    Right from the start it was clear to me that my LoQutus colleagues were a group of young, dynamic and motivated people. Always up to a challenge and never satisfied with anything less than the best result. The combination of interesting projects with different clients and research into new technologies allows me to develop both social and technical skills. The atmosphere at work and the frequent activities afterwards lead to a great team spirit.

  • Matthias
    Solution Architect

    At LoQutus, knowledge is greatly valued as it forms an essential basis to build upon. The solid knowledge base serves as input for our work. Challenging projects allow us to apply this knowledge and gain new insights, which we can feed back into the organisation, allowing colleagues to benefit from it in turn.

    For me, this is what working at LoQutus is all about and it is of great value to my work as a solution, integration and SOA architect.

  • Ruben
    Senior .net lead developer

    The culture of a company is very important, it's like the DNA of an organisation. At LoQutus, we take company culture very seriously! Creating a fun, happy and exciting work environment is one of our key values.

    Fun @ LoQutus comes in all kinds of flavours:

    • Working together with motivated colleagues every day of the week
    • Yearly teambuilding weekend & adventure weekend
    • After work drinks
    • Newyear's reception
    • Sharing knowledge amongst colleagues via internal sessions
    • Competing at several sport events
    • Party night
    • ...

    Believe me; happiness, fun and excitement are a common thread here at LoQutus. It really keeps me going!

  • Thomas
    Solution Architect

    From the beginning I noticed that LoQutus is committed to do things right. It invests in keeping up to speed with evolutions in its field of activity and LoQutus develops pragmatic approaches for the most relevant methodologies. For me this was an excellent foundation to build on. The company is equally dedicated to investing in the people who work here and to delivering solutions.
    To see that kind of commitment across the board is very inspiring

  • Vincent
    Integration & SOA Architect

    I have been working for LoQutus for more than seven years now. I started out as a developer and have worked my way up to become (lead) architect and service team manager. When I look back I see one very important recurring factor: we offer solutions which not just sound pretty, but are concrete and pragmatic and are an added value. You always work within a given framework or with existing methods, but LoQutus gives me the freedom to add a personal and customer-oriented touch which allows me to work out the unique solution my client needs. And those successes are what matter to me: no nonsense, but results!

  • Wesley
    Enterprise Architect

    About two years ago I’ve taken the opportunity to work at LoQutus because of the high-level innovative expertise which is present in our organization. As unit manger for the Digital Transformation unit I’m lucky to work with a team which works every day on exciting innovative projects for and with our customers, trying to achieve business objectives in ever-changing, increasingly digital environments.

    LoQutus wants to remain at the forefront, responding to the needs of the market by offering innovative, state-of-the-art solutions and services. We want to be a leader, not a follower. This means we constantly innovate our service portfolio to be at the top of the market. For this reason we also have a partnership with the Vlerick Business School. All this provides me an environment in which I’m continuously learning and growing.

  • Marianne
    Senior Analyst & Coach

    LoQutus is all about connection: Connection with the customer: digging into what the customer really need Connection with the colleagues: our first Friday of the month: ‘team, knowledge and meeting day’ Connection between disciplines: one methodology binding different disciplines together to one coherent whole

  • Tineke

    I was looking for a job with challenges. Well if there’s one thing you can say about my job at LoQutus: it is challenging. As part of a lot of different and unique projects I learned and developed a lot, professionally and personally. Every day there’s something new to learn, and I love it.

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